• Jhosias Duran

    | Director | Editor | Photographer | VFX | Colorist | Web Designer | GFX Artist |

    Serving all of your professional multi-media demands.


Jhosias Duran's career first started when his uncle handed him a Canon DSLR changing his life forever. At the young age of 12 his uncle a professional photographer inspired young Jhosias to learn every aspect of photography. Jhosias has brought in his esthetics by venturing into the creative fields of cinematography and visual effects. Having developed a strong background in lighting as a gaffer, He has sharpened his eyes to craft the visual elements that incite a singular, impacting story. While working with RecSquad Jhosias was permitted to Edit and PA music videos for renown hip-hop artist like French Montana, Bodega Bamz, A$AP Ferg, Charlie Hustle, Lil Durk, Chinx, and many more spanish renown artist like Zacharias Ferreria and Frank Reyes.

In 2009, Jhosias started his own photography studio. At JDMediaArts, Jhosias vowed that he would never shoot weddings. Yet, there he was, shooting fashion, portraits, table tops and, yes, weddings. Lots of weddings. Jhosias created his own style, combining photojournalism with wedding photography. Eschewing the posed cookie cutter approach to weddings, Jhosias instead focused on the people’s relationships and reactions. Jhosias began working with DreamVille Studios in 2011, mainly shooting and editing conceptual wedding films.

Unobtrusively capturing the height of emotion: meaningful moments, smiles, hugs and kisses, that reflect the tenor and feel of that day, rather than a series of poses, to be repeated by the photographer. I thought that the job of being the guy behind the camera would satisfy everything that was meaningful in my life: travel, adventure, and the huge curiosity I had about the world. I love being a cinematographer. The world never ceases to amaze me.

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